It has continued upheld its acceptability as one of Europe's arch aesthetic cities: Vienna, accepted as the City of Music, but appropriately acclaimed for its affected architectonics and superb galleries. Its abundance of art museums, abounding of them housed in palaces and celebrated barrio with alluring legacies of their own, as able-bodied as the arduous adorableness of its streets, concert halls and old houses, accomplish it an educational cruise destination like no other. However, its aesthetic abundance is not all abiding in the past; in contempo decades Vienna has been home to affluent and assorted innovation, alluring visionaries from all beyond Austria and Europe and continuing to affect abounding today. For a aftertaste of the beheld treats that Vienna has in store, apprehend on.


Composed of two Baroque palaces, an orangery, the aboriginal alcazar stables, and admirable esplanade grounds, the Belvedere architecture is absorbing even afore you get to the art. Once central it continues to impress, with its history-spanning collections that cover Medieval Art, Baroque Art, Classicism and Romanticism, Impressionism and Expressionism, Art from the Viennese Secession, and more, all the way up to abreast Austrian work. No amount what your acceptance accept been acquirements about, there is something to clothing every aftertaste and interest, authoritative it absolute for an educational trip. The brilliant allure actuality is Klimt's Kiss, one of the a lot of acclaimed Austrian works of all time, but there are accomplished worlds of art cat-and-mouse to be apparent throughout this adorable alcazar circuitous - all complemented by anecdotic apprenticeship programmes.


For acceptance with an absorption in clear arts, the Albertina is not to be absent off the educational cruise itinerary. Housed in an celebrated architecture that contains locations of the city's aboriginal Bastion and has been endemic - forth with some of its collections - by several affecting abstracts including the Habsburgs, this arcade appropriately illustrates the accent that art and architecture accept played in Austria's political history. It contains tens of bags of drawings, prints and photographs, including a abundance accession of admirable adept prints. School or academy groups can yield advantage of its acquirements programme that includes alternate guided tours and workshops in a committed studio.

Hundertwasser House

For afflatus in a alliance of its own, an educational cruise to Vienna is an accomplished befalling to see the plan of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, one of Austria's abundant aesthetic visionaries. Highly political, a committed environmentalist and abolitionist artist as able-bodied as a painter, his characteristic plan appearance adventurous colours, amoebic shapes, mosaics and an affiliation of accustomed and burghal forms. His architectural bequest is broadcast about Austria and beyond; while in Vienna, the ablaze check fa├žade and appropriate interiors of the Hunderwasser House in Landstrasse commune is able-bodied account a visit.

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